November 29th, 2006


Bogwitch Stuff

I've got so many things going on in my head at the moment; big project, little project, poor old WIP, a Black Widow part two that keeps coming despite it being the Spring fic, Xmas card list I really should address, new job... oh yes, new scary job I can't talk about yet, finance breakdown caused by the stony silence from the ex, Christmas presents, the mysterious vanishing present, housework, tax problems ...

Ugh. Brain meltdown.

Thanls to my phantom nominator that stuck again. My soupy brain can't remember where.

Vote (for me preferably!) in the Spark and Burn Awards. You can even vote for me in the 'Best New Author' category. Huh. (I have been assured my votes will go in the the 'Best Author' category instead, but I'm scuppered on that before I even start and I never get nominated for Best Author. Except that once).

I also won 'Best Hook' for Black Widow. Which is nice. Thank you phantom nominator.