May 30th, 2006


Drabble: Digging For Clues (Spike/Buffy)

Digging for Clues by Bogwitch
(Spike/Buffy. Season 6 BtVS. Written for thedeadyhook because I thought her idea of Spike turning human and helping people properly would be really funny if he joined Oxfam (whom I used to volunteer for, fact fans))

Spike stuffs the last of his clothes into his bag. "Sorry, Buffy. I have to go."

"But you can't! I need..."

He raises an eyebrow. This really is a first.

"You." Buffy says in a tiny voice, pretending that she isn't feeling the first prickle of tears. "You're the only thing that..."

"But Oxfam needs me, love. I already have my ticket to the Sudan; these people need fresh water. We're going to get some wells dug and put in standpipes."

Buffy's lip quivers. She's doing well, reining in the hurt, but its showing. "But I thought you dug me?"