February 11th, 2006


I don't whinge often but...

I'm bored and have nothing interesting to say, so I'll do this Johari window thingy hils and some others were doing.


Feeling a bit down lately about the whole writing thing. I think I am losing my enthusiasm and that scares me as I want to write, but not into a near vacuum. LJ is okay, I suppose, at least I have readers, but outside I just don't exist and I don't know where to start. I think everyone's seeing a slump (and sometimes I think there are more award sites than readers - not that I'd know).

It's hard to seeing the point in all the effort though when it's so much easier to design wallpapers and get more feedback for them. It appears I hit my peak some time ago, and I suppose getting no comments at all at FFN for the last chapter of the WIP didn't exactly help my mood (it's not like I ever got many, one or two if I was lucky, but still nothing!). I have no idea, short of writing porn, what to do about it. That'll teach for not writing the popular stuff.

Ah, but then I have always been crap at self-marketing. At least my mum's cat still loves me.

Still, I'm a slave to the muse, so it'll keep coming if you people like it or not.