October 31st, 2005


Happy Halloween Hauntings

Seeing as I have completely failed to write a story for my Halloween Challenge at darker_spike, I have decided to share my ghostly experiences instead.

Gather round the fire, my friends and let us begin...

The first was when I was about 15. I was walking to school alone and took a short cut through a churchyard. It was a sunny, warm morning, but as I took a step past this one gravestone, the temperature dropped to a spine-chilling, freeze. Then I took another step and it was warm again.

The next time I was about 19, and I was driving home one night in the dark (from the pub, but I hadn't been drinking) and a girl crossed the road in front of me - but she had no top half, just legs and a skirt. She just... ended.

The third time was about six or seven years ago now. I was at a supermaket petrol station. It was late and I was the only car there. I went into the shop to pay and idly looked out of the window at my car. I noticed, reflected in the window, that there was a a man standing behind me. A big Sikh man with turban and beard (not that unusual round here), but turned around and there was no one there. Eep!

Okay, your turn!

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