April 30th, 2005


JM gig Islington

Too knackered to say much now, but rest assured gamiila was found alive and well.

As for the gig, it kind of met my expectations, except it wasn't nearly so embarrassing.

More after a nice kip.

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Islington gig part 2

Yesterday, ah yesterday. Where to begin? At the beginning, of course…

Got to Belgo's restaurant a bit early and they were closed so went for a walk. On the way back, met hesadevil who'd come to a similar conclusion. We found somewhere to sit and waited for calove and gamiila to arrive and the restaurant to open.

We'd been seated at the table for awhile when calove turned up. She'd been delayed due to car hitting a bridge. We settled in and waited for gamiila. After some more time we decided we'd better start lunch in case we got kicked out. Hah! Little did we know that we would be mid-meal.

The restaurant was on FIRE!!! calove saw the smoke in the basement.

Where was gamiila?

We were all evacuated and told to leave the vincinity as three fire enginees turned up. gamiila was still MIA, and calove and hesadevil needed to check into their hotel. Not knowing when or if gamiila was going to show it was decided to move and call her to met us elsewhere. Except we couldn't get though. calove spent most of the afternoon in the hotel trying to ring or leave a message.

hesadevil was due to meet the CDS crowd in Islingston, so calove and I tagged along. gamiila had still not been located, and we thought we'd probably find her at the venue. The CDS "crowd" turned out to be three people, but they were very nice.

Got to the venue, and gamiila was located safe and sound.

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