February 4th, 2005


‘Dem Bones: Ritual Magic and the Physiology of the Jossverse Vampire

My muse likes to play the odd joke on me.

Take yesterday. Minding my own business one minute, the next I was just a conduit for my muse to brain dump this onto me. And it's something I bet you thought you'd never see. I an essay!

I haven't written one for ten years since uni, and never intended to again, but this one came out of the blue. And see? I even gave it a nice academic title (and it's still less poncy than 'Science fiction's representation of the extension and violation of the human body by cybernetics and cyberspace', which was my degree proposition essay).

I am a bit worried that it's pointing out the obvious, but I'll share. maybe we can all have a nice chat about it.

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