December 24th, 2004



I’ve been dropping hints, but now it’s finally time to reveal what calove, hesadevil and I have been up to for the last month - and what's been making me tear my hair out for the last couple of weeks.

It’s a fic!

Illyria goes on a journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas with a reluctant Spike in tow.
Disclaimer: We owe it all to Joss & ME
Pairing: Spike/Buffy and hints for others
Rating: Pretty tame, but some swearing and some mild sexual situations.
People in need of a good thanking (for varying degrees of assisstance):
estepheia, soundingsea, vegmb, mistraltoes, lillianmorgan,
vampry, desoto_hia873, speakr2customrs, mskakaako.

The aim is to post a chapter per day over the Christmas holiday until we get to Twelfth Night. So here's the first part:

Twelve Days - Prologue

Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone.