December 17th, 2004


Short Cuts


Bloody scissor-happy hairdresser! I wanted a couple of inches off and she's hacked off half my hair!


At least I have soundingsea's lovely caramels to cheer me up! Thank you, so, so much for the thought! They are looovveely. I am keeping them all for me.

Oh and ladyoneill wrote my ficlet request. Spike/Tara/Buffy at the solstice Kiss of Peace. Thank you!

People have been so nice this year, I feel a little embarrassed. Thank you!

Sorry, this is turning into an acceptance speech.


So finally, I like to thank my family for being so supportive. And the cat. And best friends, And the postman for the post, I couldn't have done it without you...

You guys are the greatest!!

::sob sob::

[is hauled off]