December 13th, 2004



There's one more day to tackle my Music Lyric Meme. Someone must get #17, it's a classic. And so #7 for that matter, just about 20 years older.

Some clues/updates:

#1 is a bit obscure. It's a band I've listening to a lot lately. Shoegazers. Album track.
#2 has a Depeche Mode connection
#3 Is Trash metal (if you couldn't have guessed). I used to hum this when I was working on a supermarket checkout.
#4 A refugee from a britpop band. Album track. Graham Coxon guys.
#5 The Delays – Long Time Coming guessed by calove
#6 Joy Division - Transmission guessed by gamiila
#7 Old and crazy.
#8 Adam and the Ants – Stand and Deliver guessed by speakr2customrs
#9 New Order – True Faith guessed by (just) hils
#10 Nick Drake – Northern Sky guessed by vagablonde
#11 from John Peel's Festive 50
#12 My favourite smelly old crusties.
#13 Not mates of the White Stripes Album track.
#14 An album track from one of my favourite bands from the late 1980's to the mid-1990's. They did a song about Italia 1990.
#15 As lillianmorgan pointed out, it's Belly, but which one?
#16 The ex listened this old punk band, and so does Spike. It's not the Sex Pistols.
#17 C'mon people. This is seminal! One of my favouritist songs ever! It's about 1989/1990. You dance to it - well I do. It's the Stone Roses, you have to know.
#18 No Doubt – Hella Good guessed by mistraltoes (bit embarrassed by that one)
#19 Recent. XFM play it a lot. Welsh band that I wouldn't normally listen to.
#20 Er... Can't think of much about this one. it's about 6 months old, the video was on a beach. There were bombs. This won't help.
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