December 1st, 2004


5 Buffy moments

So what's up with me today? I hear you ask.

As you're all so curious, it's been a busy day, one that seems to have been remarkably unproductive! But I did finish my (woefully short) draft of the next chapter of the WIP.

One of the reasons I'd been reluctant to post a wishlist at first was a terrible fear that everyone would ignore me completely and then I'd get all sad again and want to die. How wrong I was. Icons yesterday and then today vegmb wrote me a nice
angsty Spuffy ficlet full of misery and death. Yummy!

I thought I'd do that 'top 5 moments in BtVS' thing too, so here goes:

1. The scene in the crypt in Crush. I adore that scene as I’m a sick, sick woman.

2. The stair scene in The Gift (but I like the bit in the
Magic Box beforehand too). It’s the expressions on his face.
Just like Afterlife. Actually these are twins and I want them both.

3. That kiss in Tabula Rasa. I want to be kissed like that. Or at all really…

4. All the Spike scenes in Gone for deeply shallow reasons…

5. ::sniff sniff:: Beneath You. Beneath Your hard exterior is a total sap, Lisa.

Sorry, did you say there was there someone else in the series?