October 12th, 2004


Time's Up! It's drabble time. Waiting for Someone?

You're all pretty sick of these, I'm sure.

But calove and I agreed there should be more fic in which Spike remained naked throughout (a worthy desire, I think you'll agree). A drabble challenge was hastily set (as we're too lazy to write anything longer in 24 hours), in which Spike must be naked and we pick an extra character for the other to write.

calove picked Willow for me:

Waiting for Someone? - Bogwitch
(BtVS, Season 6, Spike and Willow)


Okay, Breathe, Willow Rosenburg breathe. Big. Deep. Breaths.

She peeps out from behind her fingers. He’s still there, still naked in all his brazen glory, the candlelight of his crypt strokes a golden sheen over his smooth pale skin – all of it.

“Hey! Clothes! You know, made for covering up naked parts!” She babbles, wishing she’d never come here.

He’s… She’s seen men, even if she’s gay now, but he’s… No Oz. No, he’s toned and lean and… Don’t look at that! And he’s not nearly as embarrassed as she is; in fact he’s downright cocky.

Cocky? Oh hell.