October 5th, 2004


I'm safe!

Just checking in to say I got back from London and Common Rotation safely - Just. Some running for trains was required.

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The Vampire Fetish Club

Right, Common Rotation then.

I'd like to start by declaring that I only went for the night out and to see gamiila again, I don't want a serious dent in my cool, y'know? I had no idea what they sounded like, and I wasn't prepared for quite the level of devotion from the fangirls. Slaveish devotion isn't in my nature - not even for Depeche Mode Okay, but Spike doesn't count.

They were good too. They were tuneful and engaging, with a nice sense of humour that really pulled the crowd in. Just possibly sounding a bit samey after awhile. Definitely a band that are better to see, rather than listen to, as I don't think they'd be the same without their rapport with the audience. I know this because after standing for an hour before they even started, my crippled feet gave in and I had to sit by the bar well out of sight of the band. It wasn't quite the same and I got a little bored (but I did a little writing and (I think) was chatted up by some bloke with a big 'tash).

Shame I couldn't stay for a drink, but I had to get halfway across London before the Tube turned into a pumpkin - and I only just made it.
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