September 2nd, 2004


Season Five

Next up my favourite season.

Bogwitch's review of Season 5

Buffy vs. Dracula – I quite like this one, but it needed a scene with Dracula and Spike. I don’t think Drac was quite scary enough though.

The Real Me – I remember hating Dawn at this point, but I think you were meant to. One of the best things about this season was the way all the elements just worked beautifully. Dawn starts as the bratty sister then becomes the even more bratty sister a victim you can sympathise with (for a bit anyway). Harmony is great.

The Replacement – Xander (- The Zeppo) = Boring

Out of My Mind -- :)

No Place Like Home – Um. What was this one about again?

Family – Ah Tara. Shame the ep is a bit blah.

Fool for Love – Made me cringe big time when I first saw it, have now got the cringing down to just one scene. It’s grown on me. Lots. (In hindsight, I suspect much of the cringing came from the growing realisation that I was falling totally for Spike and not wanting to admit that to the ex).

Shadow – Crap. Joyce is v. v. boring. I keep forgetting what this is about.

Listening to Fear – More crap. Laughable monster. Not enough Spike.

Into the Woods – Riley’s gone, hurrah! Why couldn’t you have gone sooner? (I actually like season 4 Riley but he pisses me off in season 5). Don’t come back! (damn).

Triangle – Wonderful Olaf. I love Triangle to bits. Willow has great hair.

Checkpoint – I don’t see what the fuss is about. Boring.

Blood Ties – Another wonderful ep I love to bits.

Crush – I think Crush is my second favourite ep ever. It’s perfect.

I Was Made To Love You – It’s a bit boring and I really don’t like Ben. Go away you’re blocking the way for the vamp! (I like the magic box scene. Go for it Giles! Hang on… Please don’t).

The Body – No Spike in it. Why bother? Next!

Forever – Some nice moments, but lacks something.

Intervention – A really crap idea done so fabulously well I’ll let them off. It has so many faboo moments.

Tough Love – Lose interest here.

Spiral – Ah, Spiral how often do I watch thee? About once a week. And I’ve never worked out exactly why.

Weight of the World – As much as I want to know what’s going on in Buffy’s head a lot of the time, now is not it. Forms a strong bridge between Spiral and The Gift, but doesn’t inspire me otherwise.

The Gift – Spike makes my heart go melty and I’ve never recovered. The bestest ep there is.