September 1st, 2004


Season Six

Hee. Here's the second part of my occasional series. This one might be a little more contraversial.

Bogwitch's Season Six Review

Bargaining, Part 1 & 2 – I didn't like these much when I first saw them, but they grew on me lots.

Afterlife – One of my favourite eps ever.

Flooded – Giles is excellent, but otherwise the ep is boring.

Life Serial – Alright if you cut off the first half.

All The Way – Who the f*** cares this much about Dawn? Not me. Yawn.

Once More, With Feeling – Good ep, ruined by singing. I like Tara's song though. Can you tell I hate musicals? Still, light years better than the Xena one. Joss and the gang did a great job, it's just not my cuppa.

Tabula Rasa – Good ep, ruined by Spike's awful outfit. Yes, I know it's a disguise, but really, why on earth would he think he'd be inconspicuous in that?

Smashed - Mrrrroooow.

Wrecked – Is that Willow? I'm past caring. Mmm bare flesh. Oh, was I supposed to be commenting on something..?

Gone – I love this ep for many, many reasons, some of them very shallow.

Double Meat Palace – I don't mind this one at all. I think the main problem is that it's out of place in this season because it's a rather old-fashioned style of Buffy episode. I think it would have been more comfortable in season four where it's silliness would've been less jarring. Maybe then we could've had Buffy/Riley alley sex. Bleugh. Maybe not.

Dead Things – Another ep I love. Yes, the alley scene is nasty, but I do understand it and her, so I don't have a problem with it.

Older and Far Away – An ep that is severely ruined for me by that dreadful Basement Jaxx track – I loathe it and it overlays one of the best scenes. Otherwise, I like the ep. It comes with added Clem and you've got to like that.

As You Were – Bad? Yes. The worst ep ever? No. As I love every scene with Spike in, I don’t hate the ep, but I can't say I invest any time watching the other scenes or trying to make sense of it. Besides there is nakedness and the black shirt that makes me drool. Gosh JM looks fantastic. Where’s that DVD? I'll be back...

Hell's Bells – Sorry what was the point of this? So Anya can be a vengeance demon again? Why? What purpose does that serve the overall plot of the season? As far I can see it, the only things that would be affected by her not being a demon again would be busting Andrew and Jonathan out of jail, and the plot of Entropy. I’m sure both of which could’ve been handled in a different way. This season does need some emotional high points.

Normal Again – I think SMG does a fantastic job in this. It’s a shame I don't care.

Entropy – I like this ep, I do, but two things have always bothered me. No, not Buffy and Xander's reactions (they might be wrong, but they are at least realistic). I thought NB did a great job of all that righteous indignation.
1. Anya. Everyone praises how Anya and Spike connect in their misery, blah blah, but sorry it's not like that. She's not listening to him at all, not the way he is listening to her and offering comfort. It's all about Anya. Poor Spike.
2. Buffy's accusation in the crypt. I can't see how what she says here is any worse than anything she's said before. Yes, she is a bit cold, but she always has been. I don't think she's nearly nasty enough to provoke his reaction.

Seeing Red – I love this ep, including the attempted rape scene (but not the act itself, which goes on too long, well past making it's point and into gratuitousness). I wish they'd picked another way of getting Spike to Africa for numerous reasons, but as it stands, it's a scene that breaks my heart for him and I like that.

Villains – I have very little recollection of this one.

Two To Go - Ditto

Grave – Oops ditto again.
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