June 6th, 2004


More whinging

It's a real shame that Anya didn't have a spell for Spike in Entropy because I'm really interested in it right now.

I'm really fed of feeling this way. I just think I'm alright and the I fall apart again. I think the worst part is the loneliness and absence of intimacy. Lucky I have some nice friends, who didn't mind me clinging to them all weekend.

I want to get the flat and the financials together, but I'm so listless I can't face it. Bob has achieved the impossible and actually made me want to go to work - not that there is anything there to do but mope some more just with different people. The ironic thing is that he'd been trying to get me to eat more fruit for ages. Now the odd piece is about all I can stomach at the moment.

It's the last week before redundancy. I'm so, so glad I've got another job lined up.

It's a double dose of moving on. Just have to stick it out.
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Games to make the journey go faster

I promise this is the last Karamel Sutra drabble I'll do. I wrote it about a week or so ago. I was going to post it, then stuff happened. Anyway, this contains my first attempt at Xander:

Games to make the journey go faster - Bogwitch

“Okay,” said Dawn. “Xander’s next. If Andrew was an animal, what would he be?”
Xander frowned, trying to think. He’d started this game as a way to make this road trip go faster, but Dawn had seized upon it with a frightening zeal. “I dunno. A Weasel, I guess.”
“Well, you know. He’s all weasel out of trouble guy.”
“Okay, That’ll do. Buffy,” Dawn turned to her sister. “If Spike was a flavour of ice cream, what would he be?”
Buffy answered without thinking, the memories resurfacing unprompted, “Mmm. Karamel Sutra.”
There was silence in the car after that.
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