February 7th, 2004


Moping again

My first week back in the Watford office is over and its like I never left. The office is definitely in its death throes now, as people are leaving every week. I think I will be out of here much sooner than May.

Spent most of the week in courses on Job Hunting and Career Planning (god good, I need that). Do I feel better for it? A little, I think I know what to aim for, but if I'm realistic, I think I'm either going to have to surrender to having to work in London, which I think will kill me travel-wise, or have to suck up and accept I'm going to be in Admin forever (shudder). The thought of having to do interviews again, fills me with horror, especially considering how awful I was at the last one I did. I think my lack of self confidence is smothering me.

To cheer me up:

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