November 29th, 2003


A drabble

As buffyx is bored, I let her have a little sneaky peaky at a bit of the long story I'm working on and I thought I'd let you all look at it too.

This works as a drabble and has nothing whatsoever to do with the plot.

He's never told Buffy, but he still dreams of the Initiative sometimes. She thinks he'd been caught, chipped up and escaped. And that's all he's sure he remembers. But he knows he'd been there weeks, upon weeks, with waking dreams of unknown faces, body strapped down, his head held still and forward, but his eyes are looking at his feet. He's drained of blood then bursting full. His head is open; he can feel sawing, prodding, limbs have involuntary reactions. Probes in his brain, chest, heart and arse.
He doesn't find alien abduction stories as funny as he used to.

Now I'm off to enjoy a Chinese banquet with Hunt Sabs.
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