August 26th, 2003


NTL are scum

NTL never ceases to amaze me.

I live in a flat which is overlooked by a hill and as such we have a lousy TV signal. This means we pretty much have to have satellite or cable. No problem.

We can't have a dish, because we would require planning permission so we're stuck with NTL. Because BT are reknowed nazi's, we have a cable phone line - thus ruling out most boardband ISPs. That means I'm stuck with NTL as my ISP too.

What a bunch of idiots.

After what was a Kypton Factor-eque test just to get the modem to work, they then neglect to give you any details of their servers so that you can use Outlook. I've lived with this for a year and a bit and its been fine, I just use my old account to download my mail.

Except now Virgin have disconnected me as the aren't my ISP (quite rightly I suppose - but boy, did they try and make me feel guilty) and I'm stuck trying to get NTL email to work again. So answer me this:

If I've forgotten my password to access my account, what is the point of sending my password to that email address?

::Slaps forehead:: Duh!!

Thanks for getting to the bottom of my ramble. Normal service will now resume.
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