May 17th, 2003


Cup Final

Yes! The flat will be a football-free zone this afternoon. Bob was gone to his Dad's. Good for me, as I get some peace. Good for Bob, as at least he's got someone to share it with now.

I have gotten addicted to Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on the PS2. Although was expecting Bob to do his nut about spending the money, he was remarkably quiet on the subject - only a short moan. I suspect that the fact it's a game he can play has a lot to do with it. (he was up til 2am on it last night).


Unappreciated Music

I have this addition to buying CD's.

Now, I don't just buy anything - I do make sure that I buy things I like, but I just don't listen to them once I've got them. Then years later I hear something really good on the radio or TV and then find out that I've owned it for years.
Case 1: The Sunday's Wild Horses. Played in Buffy, loved by me. Lurking on the forgotten Blind Lp that's sat on my shelf for aeons.
Case 2: I discovered a MP3 of Lush's Undertow on one of my many tours of the web recently. I adore it, only to find that its from their Split album which I've had about two years and never played.
I shall now play this album to death in the car.
Name dropping Lush story: Once saw Miki Berenyi at the 1993(?) XFM Xmas Party when Suede played. She had very scarlet hair and my friend chatted to her in the loo.

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Please good god no...

News on the Hellblazer film just gets worse and worse.,68787,

I'd started sticking my fingers in my ears about this La La La, about the time they had supposedly cast Nicolas Cage for the part. I wish I'd kept them in.

John Constantine is one of the reasons I started reading comics. He's Liverpudian for god's sake!

I refuse to see this film.

so there

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