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Snow!!! Whee!

Work... Boo. :(

Why does it never snow like this round here at weekends? Too much schoolkid wishing power? It's potent stuff.

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And it's still snowing!!

It only snows properly once a year anyway, so I suppose statistically it's more likely to be a weekday...


That's boring adult logic. Snow days aren't adult logic days.


It is still snowing! Whee!

Noo! I'm not an adult! (Heh, I actually did a little 'snow dance' round the kitchen to try to convince it not to be piddly like last time. I think it worked, actually - it's so much thicker than usual.)

It was great on the news yesterday when they did the weather and the yellow exclamation mark/warning thing was right on top of us.

Those pesky things block out the sun!

Still, when no sun = snow, I can't complain.


I've been snowed in!!!!!


So far this morning I've spent most of my time staring out of the window...

With a wide grin I hope!

Mostly with big anime eyes, but the grin's been there!

I was to take lots of pics, but there's not a lot worth taking pics in easy walking distance. :/

I tried to take one of the garden with my phone, but it was really rubbish.

You'll get the pics anyway!

I have snow envy. We've no snow at all. Not even on the tops - I just looked via the webcam. Looks as if there is no snow in the North of England either - York is apparently currently boringly snow-free. Go throw a snow-ball for me!

Will do.

We don't ge much here usually. It's our turn, ner, ner.

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