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LSL Smashed Challenge

I have connection now, but it's worse than when I started 'fixing' it. Bugger.


lateseasonlove challenge time again. This time it's Smashed.

C+C and all that jazz.

Resource makers are listed here.


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I really like these, particularly the "Little Lost Girl" one. And I feel your pain with the internet connection. Ours is really sucking right now.


The connection is good, but we just can't seem to get it to the computers. I can't see there's anymore I can do about it either. I'm going to have to enlist expert help.

wow thats coincidental! i was admiring your icon earlier, then you go and post a wuvely collection that has one just like it in it! wheeee! soo snagging it.. its the 7th one, and the melt one cause its wuvely
thanks hun : D

Hee! That's a bit of luck then. :)

I really like the one of Buffy and the yellow flashy thing (I'm going through a Final Fantasy nostalgia phase, if that explains anything). Chemistry is lovely as well, and I really like the white Wicked Energy one.

Thank you.

I was mucking around as usual, and got some nice results.

I never got into FF.

I don't like any of the ones where they actually speak, but since FFIX is one of the few games I've managed to complete myself it has a place in my heart.

We had one for the PS1 but it was sooooo boring.

*covers ears* But the cutscenes!

We were too bored to get that far!

Can you remember which one you played?

Mmm I like the colors a lot like in Melt, Little Girl lost, Smug Wicked Energy, Breaking Point.
Snagged the Spuffy ones, Spike and some Buffy :)

Me again! I had a lovely chance to look at your icons again on the lateseasonlove voting, and I just wanted to say, if it's all right, I'm going to snag old sparkly Buffy. She's just too cool. :D

Hello you. You're welcome choose what you like.

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