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My rant on the $£*@#* trains

I'm knackered.

Just as well I took the day off to watch the Buffy finale (yes really!), as I'm feeling really awful. What could be the reason for this?

The bloody trains, that's what. Who in their right mind co-ordinates the last Tube train to Euston to arrive about two minutes before the last train out into the country? Come on, London is supposed to be an international city for god's sake! An Olympic sprinter couldn't make it from the underground to the mainline platform in the amount of time they give you. And this isn't the first time I've been stranded by useless public transport either.

OK, to be fair a lot of my grogginess has to do with cigarette smoke from the gig we went to (I swear I didn't drink a drop), not the fact I got to bed about half two last night, but still.

As mentioned above, Bob and I ventured out last night to see Katastropy Wife(new band of Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland)/Siobhan Fahey/(somebody or other who was boring)/The Suffrajets/Hooker/(someone else who were crap), at the Highbury Garage. The last time we saw Katastrophy Wife they were so bad it was embarrassing, more people were there for the support band (the Suffrajets) than the headliner and by the time they come on there were about 50 people left (not enough for a decent mosh pit). They then proceeded to play really badly and get annoyed. This they were much better and the whole gig had a much better atmosphere - except for gaggle of annoying girls who pissed us off last time getting absolutely wasted. Next time I see them I'll punch their smug attention seeking, faux lesbian faces for them.

That felt much better. Back to bed, I think.

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