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(no subject)

I've been having connection problems ever since I fitted the WiFi. I am determined to fix them today, but if I disappear, it's because I busted it.

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For whenever you get this: Good to have you back online! (Things are far too quiet at the mo.)

I have a connection of sorts at last, but it's now worse than ever.

:( Is it a blast to the past of watching the page load, or just intermittent?

Neither. It was intermittant last week.

My PC just doesn't want to know the internet at all and the laptop will only connect through a direct ethernet cable. I can't even go back to my old USB connection. I'm very frustrated! I hate using the laptop. It's alright for movile use, but I want my decent keyboard and mouse back!

Stupid question, I know, but have you tried reinstalling the receiver or whatever on the PC?

Yep, and I've turned the router, the computers and the modem off and on again.

The old standby... I can't say I have any more tricks.

That's the problem, neither do I.

Is the PC connected to the main thing or just a receiver thing... because thinking about it if I want to connect off the receiver thing I have to click on the little picture in the bottom right-hand corner to get the options up, highlight the network I want to connect to and then click 'renew' in the window that measures the connection (on the black screen with the coloured line graphs). You don't have a speedtouch, do you?

Speedtouch? Never heard of it.

None of this sounds remotely familiar. I look at the Network Connections and then Properties.

It'd be far too lucky if you had the same brand.

How about clicking random buttons? (Do tell me to shut up, by the way, or I'll keep rabbiting on with this pointless "advice" because I can't let mysteries go.)

If I could be arsed to type it all, I'd tell you the whole sorry tale of dodgy ethernet cables, new graphics card and faulty adapters that won't go away. I am suspecting though it's ever something amazingly simple, like we forgot to connect something in the PC when we fitted the graphics card, or it's so amazingly complicated that I'll have to fix it by giving up and buying a new computer.

:( I think sums it up.

Today's meeting's cancelled.

Just as well.

I busted it big time. I haven't had any connection at all for most of the day, I had to have my dad look at it and he couldn't get it right either. I now only have a connection through the laptop with an ethernet cable. Brtter than nothing, but I need the desktop attached! I can't access my website!

Happy late birthday! :)

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