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(no subject)

Happy Birthday to marvo and... me!

Been a rather quiet one, but much better than last year. I got some cds and a graphics card and a bottle of body lotion and a Buddha from my parents! Plus romanyg got me some paid LJ time - thanks!

Ankle is better, but I have trouble with stairs - they seem to set it off again - and the cold is on it's way out. Like the sky, it's all getting a little brighter.

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Happy Birthday. Glad things are seeming brighter and a Buddha sounds a most intriguing present!

Thanks. I did say I wanted a buddha.

Oooh! Which Buddha did they get you?

A kind of Thai style one that's leaning on his knee. It's not a very traditional pose.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN!!! and yay! a buddha! : D

Thanks. Lets hope he brings me luck.


I hope you had a lovely, lovely day!

Thanks, it wasn't bad, but not exciting.

Middle of the week birthdays are never a huge amount of fun, but I'm glad you had some cool gifts.

Take care of the ankle.

No, I should had the day off, but I felt a bit guilty when my boss is snowed under with the annual H&S report.

Good to hear you are improving health wise!

I'm not quite so miserable now. :)

Happy Birthday!!! ::squishes::

And a very happy birthday to a fellow Aquarius :-D

It's the best of the signs, I think.

Happy birthday!! I'm still embarrassed I wished you happy birthday like four months off that time. Like, how retarded am I. I'm pretty sure I got it right this year, though. Unless you're just faking your birthday to throw me off...

Well, better early than never! I'd actually forgotten, now you get to be doubly embarassed! Aren't I generous? :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I got far too paranoid about Birthday posts becoming political when I accidentally forgot someone, so I'm here instead!)

I'm glad it was better than last year - and I can just imagine this stash with a Buddha, a big stonking bottle of body lotion and this leetle graphics card. It's nice and random.

(I wish it would snow more.)

Thanks why I posted, I don't often do happy birthday's on posts either. More people should do birthday posts so the wishes can be gathered togther.

It's nice and random like my head!

(so do I. Even if it means hordes of kids on sleds smacking against the side of my flats. But where did it all go?)

And then it'd be less spam for everybody! Though people would have to be a lot more vigilant about when their friends' birthdays were.


(Stupid sun melted it all away. I can't believe Kent and the Midlands managed to get 'severe weather warnings' and it missed us.)

I'm glad this year was an improvement, and I hope it's a sign of good things to come.

Could have done without the pain though.

Happy birthday!!!!
Good to hear that it's so much better than last year!
Hmm, sorry to hear about the ankle though!
Yay to you all the prezzies and good stuff!

Thanks, at least this year it had some kind sense of event..

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