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Things wot made me laugh today.

Lego Famous People!

I like the Lego Neil Gaiman Book Signing and the Lego Ray Mears!


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I think I like Dick Cheney best!

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THIS - which is a link passed from a friend's friend's friend and so on. The Battle of Helmsdeep enacted by Gummibears.....

Wow. When I see things like that, I love people.

Yes - truly restores your faith in humanity that sort of thing!

That is hysterical. Some people have way more than way too much time on their hands!

well it was over the Christmas holiday.....

Wonder if they are them all afterwards?

I was distracted by cw's offering, but these are fabulous too. I love the idea that Neil Gaiman linked to it from his own blog - that man is seriously cool.

It's a bit orange in here, isn't it? ::looks around nervously::

I found the link on the BBC.

Orange is the new black

That would make this a bit monochrome. Thank heavens for the blue headers.

Hee! The Ray Meers one is far too slim - it clearly needs to go away and chomp on some bullrushes' roots or whatever.

I need to get the Boris Johnson one for himself.

Makes you wonder about the all the calories he's getting out of all that bush tucker, or he's eating a lot of big dinners when he gets home!

I didn't think Boris worked quite as well, it's hard to portray 'buffoon' in simple plastic.

My boyfriend just bought the Lego Star Wars game today. Too funny!

That game is great, my friends have it.

Ray Mears is great - but Socrates is amazing! Jack the Ripper also made me laugh...

Yeah, I like Jack the Ripper too and the Fathers for Justice!

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