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Tabula Rasa Icon Challenge

It's voting time again at lateseasonlove.


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Don't know what's up with LJ tonight - it keeps hanging up on me and then posts double entries of everything.

See you there then.

I only got one. LJ is okay, but my general connection is slow. That might be due to my second attempt at getting the WiFi up going wrong.

And the one I voted for was a winner! Congrats.

Remember the discussion we had about my never winning any judged awards?Shadows and Dust just gave me a Judges Choice in round 14 for SS - I'd forgotten I'd even been nominated.


I honestly thought the Spuffy one would win from the comments, but Spike love one out.

I saw the JC! Congrats! I like winning those (not that I do).

I'm still procratinating with the WIP...

still procratinating with the WIP...
Get that plane in the air and it'll fly itself.

I meant the Judge's Choice awards, rather than a judged award, of course.

hey hun, i hope this is ok but id like to pimp a new comm ive co-started with indigodiaries and vampgirly on spike fics, if thats ok with you? its buffyverse related and called indigo_crypt.
And if youd like to affiliate with us then yay!

You can pimp it as long as you stress a Spike angle, being as the community is for Spike fiction and discussion of Spike fiction.

I have no problems with affiliation.

thanks honey!! ill post the pimp now and you can correct me if you dont think its suitable :)

and yay for the affiliation!!

Just don't expect me to participate.

You never know, I might, but I have so much I need to do already, I'm avoiding challenges.

no worries hun i totally get that. ive a manip to do list as long as my arm! ugh!

thanks again *hugs*

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