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Happy New Year

Feeling grumpily anti-social, but I'm heading out anyway, so...

Happy New Year!


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And the same to you love! *wooot*

Lets hope it gets better for all of us, eh?

Yep, that summed it up.

And Happy New Year to you (and we're so anti-social we're not going out so you're one up on us)!

Ah, but I didn't want to.

Happy New Year!! ::squishes::

Happy New Year!!

::spills champagne on you::


Not a good thing to do to the girl with PMS!

Happy New Year.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
Hope you had a good night

Not really. I won't go into detail

Happy New Year to you as well, Missy!

Thank you for the lovely fic this year as well as the Advent calendar, that was so much fun!

Thanks, I hope I shall continue to amuse!

Wishing you a creative , beautiful year!

Thanks, that'll be good! You too.

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