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Advent Calendar Day 24

Hope you're all having a great Chritmas Eve.

Open Day Twenty-Four


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Wonderful, evil never had sexier faces!

Except Spike's, of course!

Yay! Lilah and Lindsey... I love Afterglow! D'Hoffryn's great as well. :D

I like Lilah, but I'm extremely meh on Lindsey. He's lucky he got in there at all - at the expense of Riley alas.

Mmm..."hot sweaty sex". Loved the D'Hoffryn icon too - you don't see many of those!

They looked like they enjoyed themselves anyway.

You made me very happy yestreday with those Spike icons but these are just as gorgeous and original too. I've snagged a few.

Hee. Spike was supposed to be the finale, but I had this pesky day spare and at least three characters deserving it...

What kind of girl his bright blonde firecracker must have been to bring this cocksure gothic peacock to his knees. lovely line, I'm on the wrong day, aren't I?

Such a choice of Spike icons, I am rubbish at tremembering to change icons so don't take, but I do admire your skill.

Yes, you are. Never mind. :)

It's okay, I forget to use half of them myself!

A good batch all 'round. I think I like 'Try Me' without the text better. Dalton's very nice and so is 'Damn'.

Sometimes I like to let people decide which version they like.

Almost done now, just tomorrow to go!

:Quick drive by comment:

Lovely icons, as always. Am definitely nicking that D'Hoffryn one.

Have a good Christmas and once again, many thanks for doing this. It's been brilliant.

Happy Christmas to you too!

Just gorgeous - I can't say that enough :)

Totally love them particularly the Lilah ones.

Lilah was unexpectedly easy to do, unlike Lindsey, who made me struggle.

Just caught up on the 23rd and 24th, and I loved the ficlet and icons both.

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