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Advent Calendar Day 23

Open Day Twenty-Three!


Wow, yes I treated my self and waited until there were a few to open! They are all wonderful, but I loved (of course), the Spike icons, but the Doyle ones were classic, and Gunn just so good!

Also very keen on the Drusilla ones as well

You liked them then. :)


Lovely work love, as usual. Love the 'agony and the ecstasy'.

The story is a lovely little vignette. The icons are lovely too!

The story has been on my HDD awhile, it's about time it saw daylight!

Always nice to have a cheery fic to start the day! (Actually, I love the CWDP/Sleeper period, so it was really nice.)

All the icons are so glowly! Got to pick some favourites... hmm. Redemption (very neat-looking) and Halfway to Oblivion (hee! Lovers Walk Spike)... Sore Head (I think I like the drunk ones), Blaze a Trail (shiny light!), Dread (nicely hard-hitting), Working with Fools (because if that's from Weight of the World I love that whole bit) and the textless one at the bottom because it's pretty.

You do Spike well. ;)

I hope so. I went a bit mad again.

The icons have been ingesting Polonium 210.

The Working with Fools pic comes from Bargaining.

Lovely little vignette. I'm afraid I've been a bit of a slacker about commenting, but I've been enjoying your little prezzies every day. This has been a great project. Thanks! And may you and all of yours enjoy a great set of holidays in coming days.

Merry Christmas!

No matter, glad to hear you've enjoyed it!

Merry Christmas to you too.

Another of your wonderful OC's. I really liked her viewpoint on Spike and "cocksure gothic peacock" is a fantastic description of him.

Fantastic icons again.

I have been wanting to use that line for ages!

Absolutely gorgeous. I feel thoroughly spoilt. Am going to have so much fun re-arranging my icons in the New Year.

I might even have a raid myself from this lot. :)

Took so, so many lovely Spikes! Thank you!

Fog of Love! I'm also very fond of Heat & Desire and Sparks, but they're all lovely. In fact, all of these Advent Calendar offerings have just been wonderful.

The story is just so spot-on for the time period. I really love what you're doing here in these little ficlets, viewing Sunnydale through the eyes of smaller characters, like the cemetery man. Fabulous!

I think sparks is my favourite.

I wrote the bulk of the story awhile ago, when I was feeling much more angsty! I never intead to make this a trip around Sunnydale, perhaps I should have...

Love the cropping on 'Heat and Desire', the colouring on 'Redemption', but my favourite is 'Blaze a Trail'.

Lovely vignette. Sleeper is one of my all-time favourite episodes.

So if Spike is done and it's only the 23rd, what have you in store for us on the 24th and 25th?

It took awhile to think of the text for Blaze a Trail.

I love Sleeper too.

You'll have to see!

Wow! Lovely fic and the icons...really gorgeous. I'll snag a few but I haven't decided which ones yet.

Icons are like a box of chocolates - you want all of them at once!

Both a lovely fic, and many, many lovely icons. You're the only one I know that can make pink work for Spike. (though I always thought he had many feminine qualities.)

It's not so much that pink works for Spike, but that pink works for the cap. It sorts itself out.

Poor, murdering Spike. Lovely ficlet.

She has no idea just how much his life turned over!

The avis are gorgeous. The lighting, the coloring... the object. All perfect.
The fic is bittersweet and poignant. Thank you.

Especially the object, eh?

I think I wrote most of that fic when I was feeling a lot more melancholy myself.

A Merry Christmas to you!
I snagged the Spike icons, very pretty! And what I found of the Buffy and Spuffy ones, too :) Thank you for making it.


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