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Advent Calendar Day 22

I'm rushed, rushed, rushed as you all are, I suppose. I will answer comments as soon as I get a chance to sit down (hopefully tonight). And get those thanks you's out of the way.

Open Day Twenty-Two!


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Dear ole' Blue. I love these! I especially love the fact that you got them all in the same shade. Very awesome. :) 'Colder & Colder' looks so freakish to me. In a good way, of course. ;)

I seem to be incapable of doing my girl in any other colour. :)

The wallpaper is stunning, and the icons are so Illyria. You have a definite feel for the ex-god.

I'm rushed, rushed, rushed
White Rabbit impersonations are to be avoided in this weather.

Thanks. There would have been a fic too, but I just didn't have the time to dedicate to it.

Oh beautiful images love. Dear old 'Bluey' has never looked btter.

Thank you! My spooky girl is a good subject.

Those are very nice. Blue suits Blue. ;-)
Seeking is beautiful !

And from now on I will have to wait for Spike icons and other goodies since I'm leaving tomorrow and will be computer deprived.
Later . :)

They'll be waiting for when you come back! ;)

Gorgeous, as always - and so were yesterday's of Angel, that I didn't get the chance to comment on.

Rushed like you


Stunning wallpaper and gorgeous icons. I particularly love "Ruler of Worlds".

Thanks. I do like making my Illyria icons!

I saw the blue and thought 'aha, It's Illyria's day... I should've guessed'. ;)

They're all gorgeous (natural favouritism showing though?), but my favourites are Ruler of Worlds and Seeking, I think. They're just so pretty.

Hope you're going to get a sit-down on the actual day!

>>natural favouritism showing though?

Would I? :)

>>Hope you're going to get a sit-down on the actual day!

So do I!

Yay, Illyria! Snagged a couple. Just gorgeous coloring!

Well, she's easy like that!

I want to tell you that I really enjoy opening these little gifts. Can't wait to see what we get for Christmas. :)

You will just have to wait and see!

Ooh, Illyria! I think these are the best ones yet. I love the one that looks like a waterfall especially.

Hee. Everyone one knows how much I love making Illyria stuff!

Truly exceptional - even in this amazing series. It's not hard to see where you sympathies are... :)


I love it! You have the definite touch when it comes to Illyria icons.

I never saw this comment!

I have divine guidence.

I love the ATS Wallpaper. Have dl'd it for my screensaver. Lovely work.

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