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Advent Calendar Day 21

Moving right along from yesterday's faux pas...

Open Day Twenty-One!


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Snagging Looking into forever - it's wonderful.

They all are.

I made them with reluctance. :)

I really like I Look Into Forever - for some reason its evocative of the Angel credits.

(Though I can't help look at *bemused* and think *gormless*...)

I thought 'twat' myself, but I thought I would be nice for a change.

'Twat' would've been quite funny, though.

Don't love Angel but I love these icons. 'Enigma' is my fave. :)

I can't say I'm that keen either.

They're all good but I *love* Enigma.

Very nice. You know, I know that a lot of Spuffy authors don't care for Angel, but I've always had a soft spot for the big lug.

I've never been keen, but he keeping cropping up despite my reluctance. :)

He'll get under your skin one day. After all, he has forever.

These must have been hard for you given your feelings about Angel. I liked the black one the best (sorry I couldn't resist).

They were all very well done.

Ha! It was hard to treat him fairly and not be sarcastic.

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