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Advent Calendar Day 20

Have lots to say but no time to say it; you'll have to wait for the rants against Parcel Force, all the thank you's and the award thingy.

Open Day Twenty!


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*sigh* I guess that means today is the summer solstice for me and from here on in the days just start getting shorter again.

Beautiful icons... If I had to choose a fave it would probably be the first one, but I love them all.

It's tomorrow, I'm just a stressed idiot.

Love the 'Tara' one with its blue swirls. Thought the solstice was tomorrow?

Congrats on the award thingy - very well deserved.

Er, yeah. I've been stressed...

These are gorgeous! You've captured Tara really well. :)

They're lovely. I especially like the one with the flowers.

Thank you! I like Tara, can you tell?

Oh these are simply beautiful. All have a very delicate feel. Very suitable for Tara.

All that despite my habit of plonking on the textures! ;)

Yes! Congrats on the Award thingy. Black Widow is one of your best.

Lovely icons. Just in time, too. Tara spoke to me today and I actually wrote a couple pages of next The Vorpal Blade chapter. Tis truly a season of miracles.

Hope you are busy with fun stuff.

>>Hope you are busy with fun stuff

I wish! Bloody Christmas crap. I like Christmas up until about mid-December, then I loathe all the inconvenience and expense. Like everyone else, I suppose.

More TVB? Whoo! Hope you don't need a beta until after Boxing Day... :) I have an outline of the next Working chapter, but I'm uninspired.

Hey, I was meaning to email you before I was swept up in the Christmas avalanche. You have been very quiet.

I thought the solstice was tomorrow! *gets confused*

These are really gorgeous - I love Fate Decides (Tara looks so pretty!) and the last one for the colours.

Congratulations on your awards, by the way!

Thanks. You're right. My head is a bit of a tangled mess at the moment, I know perfectly well when the solstice is, but it all got mixed up...

Beautiful. I love Tara icons ! Snagging the first one ( obviously ) .:)
So the solstice is today ? It's more often on the 21 December , or even 22December but I know that it may change depending on the year.
And that means a little more sun soon!

Congrats on the award.

There can never be enough Tara icons.

Yeah, yeah! I got the date wrong! I admit it!

very pretty, gentle soul

Beautiful. I particularly like the first one.

you'll have to wait for the rants against Parcel Force

You should hear my rants about Royal Mail's Recorded (non)Delivery!

Recorded delivery doesn't seem to be a problem around here, I have a good postman (must write card...) luckily.

Happy Yule!

And I loved these icons, particularly the last one.

Thanks. I started by writing Tara, she is a favourite of mine.

'Fate Decides' is beautiful among beautiful icons.

It goes to show what judge I am of my own work, I didn't think that ones was really good enough, but I chucked it in anyway!

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