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Advent Calendar Day 19

Open Day Nineteen!


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The coloring on these is awesome! I especially love 'The Beast Within'. :)

That cap spoke to me...


I'm still loving this. :D

Love "the Beast Within". At the risk of repeating myself endlessly these are lovely.

I'm having trouble coming up with new ways to say thanks. :)

Nice set ! Loving 'good heart'.
Thanks again for all the lovely work. :)

I am never happy unless I have a ridiculous deadline to meet. :)

Not my favourite character but lovely icons, as always.

:Tries to think who's left: - Angel, Buffy and Spike. Is that it?

Nope. You've missed about four or five that I should be doing.

I've already done Buffy.

What? When?

I thought I'd kept up with all of them.

The 7th. You even commented on it. :)

Yep - I went back and looked and came to the grim conclusion that I really am getting old.

The Beast Within is damn cool, and I love the colours on Not Myself.

(Yep, overkill on this icon, but it's the only one I have with Xander in it...)

Xander's on that icon? I can't see him (but it is quite dark).

He has a jumper over his head, right at the end.

Xander isn't my favourite character either, probably because Joss once confessed that he was Xander. I like 'Good Heart', it reminds me of the end scene in 'Potential' when he gave the speech about not being 'special' but having part to play as someone who 'sees' to Dawn.

Well, I'm not really a fan myself, but I have to cater for those that are...

Xander isn't top of my list either, but I tried to give him a good showing!

I especially liked the beast within.

I had trouble getting the text on.

Well, it didn't show. The text seemed made for the icon.

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