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Adevent Calendar Day 18

I've had terrible trouble uploading this today. Bloody NTL. Not helped by the fact my arm is killing me.

Nearly finished though! There's a light at the end of the Carpal Tunnel.

Open Day Eighteen!


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Well, I appreciate every single moment of the time it's taken you. I love the 'attitude' one.

Have decided what my New Year's resolution is going to be, which is to have a good clean out of my icons and replace them with new ones - and your Advent ones are going to feature strongly.


I seem to be spending all my free time frantically iconing, although in some cases I've got a bit carried away...

Still, I have a few to do for Christmas Eve, plus finish off some extra bits, and I'm done!

Very nice! I love the 'attitude' one.

Well, you know, cigarettes equal attitude. Or so they tell me.

I've enjoyed opening these every single day, sends along virtual heating pads and massaging fingers for your arm.

Thanks. Had a bit of a break and I'm feeling a bit better now.

Beatiful! I love the beautiful colours you get.

Not helped by the fact my arm is killing me.

Be careful with that! I had a nasty bout of RSI after the spring round of Seasonal Spuffy caused by making too many icons in a short space of time. Remember to give yourself proper breaks (and I never take my own advice when full on icon-making addiction hits *g*).

I like nice bright texture layers.

It doesn't help I've been playing a lot of Playstation too...

Beautiful icons as usual, the colours you use are stunning. I agree with the other posters, the "Attitude" one is really special.

Just dropping in to say that your work is *gorgeous* and I'm loving it all :)

Lovely, the different Faith moods

Very nice. I like the first one especially.

Hee. I like a girl that goes against the flow/

My computer was being a git yesterday...

Love 'attitude', mostly for the contrast of the pink and the girly writing...

She's a lady of contrasts.

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