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Advent Calendar Day 17

Open Day Seventeen!


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Playing catch up on the last few days... the Fred/Wes ficlet was beautiful and so heartbreaking! *sniff*

All your icons are lovely... I particularly love the Willow one with the candles.


People seem to like that Willow one. As always people choose the one I didn't think was good enough!

Love the Giles icons. "Watcher's fuel" cracked me up. :)

A Watcher needs his tea.

"Too old for this" is about how I feel at the moment (though fortunately not "slightly drunk"). Lovely icons. The fact that we are now at Day 17 is scary!

Day 17 is quite welcome to me, not too much moe to make!

Giles! I'm so glad that memories of S7 have faded and I can just remember the love! (Too Old for This = hee!)

Poor Giles, I never thought there was anything wrong with him.

The writing for him just seemed so off sometimes - that line about 'you're worried when I take some girls on a camping trip and don't touch them' and the 'I don't think it takes up that much space, do you?' in LMPTM just didn't sound like the Giles I knew. He just seemed to have grown denser.

'Too old for this' just about sums it up.

I should have made it a Christmas icon. I have just negotiated Sainburys. I Haven't met one shop assistant this year that's been able to anwswer even the most basic questions.

Tell me about it, I've had blank looks from everyone I asked about 'pate de fois gras' - even in Waitrose. Just can't get the staff nowadays.

Ah - a world without shrimp.

Giles!! I loves me some Rupert! As always, these are gorgeous. :)

Thanks. I wish I had time to make more of him.

Brilliant! Have snagged the Watcher fuel one. It's hilarious.

Wherever a watcher may be, he needs his tea.

Great Giles icons. I really like that first one.

I think we all feel like that at the moment. :)

I may very well be back for more - all so pretty, so many to choose from - but I had to get the Watcher Fuel one. I love it!

Well, the writers certainly made Giles act as though he were too old for it in S7.

Very Gilesian.

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