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Advent Calendar Day 16

Open Day Sixteen!


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More excellent icons love. The colours that you manage to achive with these things are just superb.

Great work.

Thanks. I don't think it's so much me as the textures I dump on top. So a good eye for a texture perhaps?

Ooh... I like the last one.

I don't think I've ever asked you where you stand on Willow - she's not my favourite person in the world.

Willow, Willow... Hmm. I don't dislike her, but I wouldn't want to be her friend particularly. I do like writing her though. I like her (earlyish) cuteness with the complete inability to deal with her compulsion towards magic. So... Yeah, I like more than dislike, I think.


This will quite probably be one of our shortest threads ever, because I can't really think of anything to say. Unless you feel like hearing a rant. ;)

I like the way you've captured Willow's insecurity, especially her using 'the easy fix' of magic.

No Dark Willow?

It's an easy way to convery her relationship to magic.

No Dark Willow. I didn't have any pics I liked enough. I didn't think AH conveyed Dark Willow very convincingly, imo. Maybe I'll have to look into fixing that one day.

The first glimpse we had of Dark Willow was when Giles challenged her over Buffy's resurrection spell. I think AH hit the button with the way she played that scene; from doofy Willow to 'don't mess with me' Willow in seconds.

Yeah, I agree, she was excellent then. It's just later on...

And once again I drool over your icons. The colouring on the last one is superb and I love the font you've used on the second one. Lovely work.

Thank you. The font is my old faithful, DreamScar.

Sigh. I love Willow. And Aly. XD These are gorgeous.

Thanks. Willow is always a strong character in my head.

These are lovely, especially the last one.
I like the way you 're usings colors.

Thanks. I like nice bright icons.

Ooo, Willow. And very lovely they are, too.

How are you feeling today?

I love the icons, particularly the "Solutions" one.

Yeah, I really liked the way that one came out.

Lovely icons, as always - and I adore your Gentlemen one. It's great.

These were all very good.

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