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Advent Calendar Day 15

Open Day 15!


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Oh , Gunn Law - very clever.

I'm impressed.

The solstice fic is finished - apart from the Epilogue. kathyh is making doing more graphics to go illustrate various chapters (There's seven in all - 6893 words so far, so much for the little ficlet I had in mind.)

Eek. I have barely started!

I completely understand how a ficlet can grow. Black Widow was only meant to be a PWP.

I'm having trouble with the 'porn' part. The final kiss refuses to be written.

I find that characters will come to that naturally, you can't force them. You have to get them in the mood.

They're there all right. It's just I can't find the words to describe the kiss itself.

Maybe I should blindfold myself so I don't have to watch?

Use lot's of 's' sounds to up the sensuality. Breathiness is good. Light touches. Avoid the cliches.

Easy for you to say. You've done it before.

Want to write it for me? I can feed you the preceding lines.

How much do you need? I don't want to give too much away.

I dunno without seeing it. I suppose the immediate build up. I can cope with being spoilt. You can always re-write if it doesn't quite fit.

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