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Advent Calendar Day 15

Open Day 15!


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Oh , Gunn Law - very clever.

I'm impressed.

Hee! "Gunn law" - priceless!

It was an obvious choice.

Wonderful as always. I love the Gunn Law one and the legal advice one.

And he looks lovely too.

I couldn't relate to Gunn at all until their time at Wolfram and Hart. I like him a lot more now.

I think it's because the writers couldn't relate to him either. They had no idea how to write someone of his background.

Once he got lawyer-ified and became all middle-class, they were comfortable with him and wrote him better and he ended up getting a really good storyline in AtS season 5 - maybe the best that any of the characters got.

Lovely icons!

Suave is so cool... love the chevrons.

Chevrons came with the texture I used. Gunn doen't seem very popular...

Ooh! Very nice! I particularly like the "Professional Advice" one.

I had a bit of trouble getting into the 'Gunn' space. The lawyer angle was useful.

I really like the "advice" one. And the icon you're using is hysterical!

Very nice. I like the one without text the best.

I couldn't think of anything...

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