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Advent Calendar Day 14

Open Day Fourteen!


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Oh, Fred! Now I'm all nostalgic.

Somehow losing Fred make me like her more.


Poor Fred! Lovely icons as always.

You know, opening these Advent calendar doors has become a highlight of the day for me and no, I don't think that makes me sad, it just makes you very generous and talented

Pleased to make your day, ma'm!

You make the most gorgeous icons. I've missed a few of these due to being away so I'm going to have fun catching up!

Thanks. I have to give most of the credit to the people who made my resources. They are invaluable.

Thanks. I wanted to show her steel.

Her inner Boggy is definitely showing.

I meant the steel at the core of the insecure exterior.

Fred...I love Fred. I almost always love Fred more when she's with Wesley. Just lke I love Buffy even more when she's with Spike. It's a thing... XD But I love these!

I think I prefer Fred when she's not with wesley myself.

Oh Fred! You're certainly doing some fantastic work with this series of icons love.

I adore the 'survive' one. Beautiful!

Thanks. As I'm running to keep up, that's good to know!

Ah, Fred. My, er, favourite character!

They are lovely, though, just viewing them as pieces of art. Survive's amazing.

Well, she was better dead.

*nods emphatically*

Feigenbaum should've had her character.

I like them all, but especially the middle one at the top, pretty

I couldn't think of any text for that one!

Didn't need text. the expression says it all

Very cool icons. I did love Fred.

I liked Fred too. More so since she died. Makes me feel very guilty for loving Illyria.

naww i miss fred *sniffles* lovely icons hun! keep it up, you can do it! hut hut!

and hehehe thanks for the socks and hankies.. always come in handy ; )

I'll get there, don't worry! ::puff puff::

Everyone needs socks.

I love 'Survive'. Very evocative.

It's a shame they had to bump her off after she did so well in Pylea.

If we'd had a season 6, I suspect we would have had her back. There were rumors to that effect anyway.

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