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Advent Calendar Day Thirteen

Getting a bit behind with the comments, I hope to get to them tonight as they're always welcome!

Open Day Thirteen!


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Boggy-dear, I'm sure that you meant Advent - although your alternative does sum up the spirit of the season for many......

Oh Dru, my favorite!!

Wonderful work love!!

Thanks. I love Dru too.

Not really that big a fan of Dru but these are gorgeous. I love both Killers & Come Play My Sweet. They're both so badass. Teehee. XD

Once I got past the dreadful accent, I came to really like Dru.

Oh, these are lovely!

You're doing well, girl. Two weeks in and still keeping up! Colour me impressed! Any more news on the scary job?

The pressure is really on though, I'm losing ground fast! I want to write, but I haven't much time.

Started scary job, it's going okay so far. I'll let you all know about it in the new year (and why it's secret, not that the reason is all that interesting)

Beautiful! And Dru-icons -- how lovely. Snagging the wallpaper & I have an idea.

I'm pleased with these, they were a bit of a stuggle.

DRU!!!!!! *Swoons with joy*

Taken the wall paper and the icons.

Blimey, it's the first time Jack Harkness hasn't been on my desktop since Adam was a lad. ;)

Yup, today is your girl!

Yeah, kick that Jack person out!

The wallpaper reflects beautifully Dru 's personality. My favourite icon is the blue one.
I hope your fingers aren't sore anymore ?

Fingers are fine now, thank you!

I wanted the wallpaper to be mysterious and smoky as I love that cap. Halfway there!

Ooh Dru! Saved a couple. Really love 'cherish'.

I love Dru, I'm pleased with the way they came out.

Lovely, lovey Dru icons - and 13 is the perfect number for her.

Dru was supposed to have been a lot earlier in the month, but she wasn't co-operating! I suppose she picked her own day.

god time is just flying past! cant believe its 13 already! your doin really great hun yay! its such a lovely idea

Time is indeed galloping on! I'm just about keeping up!

Dru! She and Ethan Rayne and two characters I swear never got enough screen time...

I love 'Dark Queen' - it's so striking!

I agree, although Ethan never really made much of an impression on me. I think he's too often used by fic writers to get out of sticky situations. He's too easy.

Tastes Like Chicken!!! BWAH. I don't know why, but it's that one and the shopping icon that really got to me. I guess I must be in a mood for funny Dru. Thank you!

Chicken is my favourite too. ;)

Gorgeous wallpaper and icons!


Tastes like chicken!


It's a good all rounder, that icon.

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