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Advent Calendar Day 12

The finger is sore, but hasn't blistered - hurrah!

Open Day Twelve!


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Aww, such a sad drabble love, and the icons were gorgeous (as per).

Hope the old hand is healing up fast.

It just has a tingle now thanks.

You know, I am so not a Wes fan, but those icons are yummy. And yay for no blisters!

Thanks. I quite like Wesley, but I'm not huge fan.

Wesley icons! Woohoo! And *so* gorgeous too! The 'Reward' one is probably my fabourite but I think I'll have to snag most of them. :)

Somehow managed to miss the ficlet first time round. Beautiful and heartbreaking. *sniff*

Wesley!! I love me some Wes...

I wouldn't kick him out of bed. Mostly because he would kill me.

Love the Wes icons! The ficlet is very sad and beautiful. Thank you!

Glad to hear your finger is doing okay. :)

Thanks, Wesley/Fred is not a pairing I thought I'd ever write.


That was me fainting with joy.

Oh wonderful! They're gorgeous! I can't wait to get home from work and snag the lot.

::fans you::

Makes up for Andrew then?

It may be Wes/Fred, but it still brought a :(.

The Wanted poster cracks me up... and I've got to snag the third one - it's Danger!Wes!with!swirly!bits! (All right, so no one's ever told me how you're s'posed to use the whole Blah!Blah thing.)

I swear half my icons are made by you...

It was originally written as a writing excerise, but has been significantly improved since!

Had to have a good dollop of Danger!Wes in there.

nice icons. I like Wes in Angel. I hated that scene although, I'll grant you Illryia is interesting. I hope I spelt that damn name right this time!

I'm not sure where the fic came from, apart from the original version was written as an excerise, because I couldn't care less about that scene myself normally.

It is Illyria. Close.

Whee! Wesley! I love Wesley. No surprise, I love your fic and your icons, too.

Thanks, II do enjoy writing Wesley. He doesn't give me too much gyp.

I really have to commend you for all the wonderful, hard work you're putting in this project...and while injured, even!

Such lovely icons. I like Wes . The ficlet was so very sad and moving, I loved it.
I personally thought that Fred' s death was one of the saddest scenes I ever watched on Ats.

think it was meant to be but for a hard cow like me just thought it a bit protracted - and I loved Fred. I did feel very sorry for Wesley though.

*snivels a bit*

I was actually rather indifferent to Fred's death scene when I watched it, but managed to bring a tear to my eye.

Me too. I like Fred, but you do wish she'd get on with it.

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