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When hot oil attacks!

Have burnt myself again. Chest and two fingers of the right hand while curing my wok. Of course, it's the typing/icon-making hand.

::hunts for ice-pack and Burneze::


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Ouch . I'm sorry. What's Burneze ? Is it going to soothe your pain?
Burns can be nasty . And the icons will have to wait, take care of yourself !
I hope you don't suffer too much.

Thanks. Burneze is a burn spray. It doesn't seem to have worked. I'm using the ice.

I don't think I'm in any danger, but my fingers are stinging a bit.

I can't stop iconning, I have too many to do! You'll just have to guess which are the left-handed ones.

Fire bad! Remember this, Fire BAD!!

Sorry to hear this love. You and hot things just don't get on do they?

No. I need a home help.

Ouch! I find the white germolene is good for burns... very soothing.

(Deleted comment)
Sorry to hear about that. Take care.

Thanks. I think it'll be okay...

Ow ow ow! And people wonder why I don't like to cook--this is one reason why!

::slathers you with aloe vera gel (very good for burns)::

Thanks. Shame I don't have any of this stuff.

Yikes! I hope your burn ointments and the ice pack work!

We always cut open a fresh aloe vera leaf and squeeze the gel inside out onto a burn.

I think it's stopped cooking now, thanks.

Not many Aloe leaves in my first floor flat. :)

oh dear! So sorry. I hope your hand is better soon and you mustn't worry about the icons.

Oh, Lise...You really ought to take better care of yourself. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Shouldn't let me near the kitchen, I think.

Ouch! I wish you a quick recovery.

Thank you. :(

Actually it's a lot better already. I'll have to see if it blisters in the morning.

Bleh!! :(

You're probably in bed now (heh, I know I should be...), so hopefully when you read this you're feeling a bit better.


This is a bad habit. Get out of this bad habit.

**Offers ice-pack**

**offers sympathy**

I cut my finger open last last week too.


*sending hugs and virtual chocolates*

Ouch! (sends you soothing vibes)

I'm soothed now, thanks!

It's all better now, I hope. Are we going to have to forbid you to be around hot things?

Yep. Ironically, my new job is assistant to the Health and Safety Manager.

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