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Advent Calendar Day 11

Open Day Eleven!

Go on then, for a laugh:

Xmas Stocking
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Aaargh! Andrew!

:Runs off to wash out brain:

At least there was only three!

Andrew!! I love, love whatshisname.

I thought no one would like him, it's nice to be wrong.

At least he has some supporters!


*pets the little creep*

I like Andrew. He reminds me of the audio/visual crowd back in high school.

I'm Andrew neutral myself, but he does seem to devide opinion!

Oh look, it's What'shisname.

Why are your Christmas gifts not showing in your stocking?

Is that enthusiam or not? :)

They are now. Does this mean you're going to indulge me with Spuffy???

I'm very fond of Andrew, have been since 'Gone'.

Does this mean you're going to indulge me with Spuffy
Winter Solstice - almost finished.

Don't get too excited, you know what my version of Spuffy is like.

Andrew!!! Love the irony of 'guestage' with the dynamic cap.

PS. Oh, so this is what that whole stocking thing is...

An Angel voodoo doll! You know me so well!

Go on make a post with a stocking. Dare yer.

Well, I just thought about what you'd really want...

Maybe later. ;)

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your Advent calendar each day. It's wonderful!

Thanks, it's a lot of effort!

Andrew...he's sort of adorable in a really, really annoying way.

'Guestage' is very apropo for Andrew (the little worm).

I was going to put 'little weasel' on it, but I thought it might be less useful.

Well, I don't think there are enough of us out there that dislike Andrew but a 'Little Weasel' would probably have been popular enough.

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