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Advent Calendar Day 10

Sorry for the delay.

Open Day Ten!


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Anya! Yay!

I really like 'hanging on the telephone' (like the song as well) and she looks wonderfully glum in the first and last ones. I don't know if this is just me, but does she look quite like Buffy in the second? Well, I thought she did - it made me go 'huh'.

Thanks to Blondie for recusing me when inspiration doesn't strike.

She doesn't look like Buffy to me, but I know the original pic. I'll leave it the jury.

I was trying to work out if there was a Muse theme in another batch you did (I think you used 'feeling good' and 'time is running out'), but I came to the conclusion that I was probably seeing coincidences when there were none.


Muse are on my mind a lot at the moment, but it wasn't conscious...

No, real reason except for new album. I thought about re-naming my website 'darkshines', but there were already too many of them.

Beautiful icons again. My favourite is the last one, kind of sensual but with a certain edge. It makes me think of the style of people like Tarantino or the Coen brothers (of whom I am a huge fan).

That would be all the grainy red then. :)

Nice cat, btw.

Thanks... ahemm, I got it from a card which has a trademark so I probably shoulnd't use it ;-)

I use Mog, so you're in good company.

Beautiful Anya icons. I'm snagging the first one .Thank you for another lovely offering !

Don't apologize! They're great, and I'm happy to see them whenever you get to it. :)

Well, thanks, but i failed to keep to my exacting standards! :)

I'm a little late to the party, but wow, they are all so gorgeous. I'm loving the care each of the characters is receiving.

Thanks. At least there's room to get though most of them!

I like the yellow and reds in these. Normally, I lean more to blues, but the warmer colors just seemed more Anya.

Me too, but they don't suit every picture.

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