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Advent Calendar Day 9

I like this, I don't have to come up with a proper post to remind people I'm still alive! :)

Open Day Nine!


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I love On The Edge! Never really liked Connor...much in the same way that I never really liked Dawn. But these are awesome. :)

I didn't mind the cleaned up Connor, but his original carnation was a bore - including the baby.

LOL. I agree. I liked nice Connor.

Proper post not needed, we are just delighted to open the calendar every day and see what's there.

I'm not taking any - but those are lovely.

Thanks. I'm sure they'll be other days you will like. ;)

Not my favourite character by a long chalk but great icons as always, especiall the 'troubled' one.

Nor mine, but had to include the bugger.

That's the thing - he keeps cropping up in stories of mine though so far I've managed to avoid writing canon Connor altogether.

Nice. I particularly like the 'troubled' one.

Thanks. I was pleased with that one too.

Soon you'll be resorting to comments like the rest of us. ;)

Good old Connor - he made a nice plot device (poor Wes!) and gave Lorne some funny lines over the years. I'm with everyone else on the 'Troubled' one - it's pretty.


Connor was plain annoying.

Not as annoying as Fred, though.

That's your prerogative, I suppose... ;)

I love these! Snagging 'troubled'.

Very nice Connor icons. I know that a lot of people hate him, but I always had a soft spot for the poor, troubled boy.

He was alright in principle, but bloody annoying in reality. IMHO.

I love your advent calender! Much better than chocolate. I can't wait to see what is next.

Thanks. I not sure something can be better than chocolate, can it?

Very nice. I like the effect on 'Nowhere to Belong'.

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