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Advent Calendar Day 8

Open Day Eight!


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Beautiful Cory icons love. Gorgeous colours!

That should say 'Cordy' of course!!

Gorgeous icons. Number 3 is really beautiful, with that soft yellow light, are they takeable?

Absolutely! Thanks!

Love the icons. Cordy is great in any incarnation!

Thanks, she has a nice set of pictures which helps a lot!

They are beautiful. I've been going back in the calendar to see everything I've missed!

Thank you :)

Thanks. She turned out to be quite easy.

Beautiful icons and I love the colouring.

I like my bright colours!

Yay! You didn't bother with any of her ugly haircuts!

Love the last one - the... er... thing-what-you-put-over-the-picture looks amazing.

Why on earth would I? Poor girl.

It's several things erm...textures.

Haven't commented yetmy bad. This is a beautiful project you're doingthanks so much, I'm enjoying it.

Excellent! Glad you're enjoying it, it's been a bigger success then I'd imagined.

Those are lovely. You don't like Cordy much, I know but you've iconned her beautifully.

I don't like writing her, but she doesn't bother me really. The quality of the pics you start with help a lot!

I missed a few days, but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed that last ficlet. Very nice.

Thnaks. There's more litte ficlets to come!

Very nice icons. I really like #3.

Thanks, Cordelia came out very well, which is more than I can say for my past attempts at writing her!

Beautiful! I've grabbed Queen C. :-)

Thanks. I really like that one. :)

I particularly liked the 'Queen C'. The yellow suits Cordelia very well (though I suspect she wouldn't like yellow. She just impressed me that way).

There was already a lot of yellow in the pic, it just needed tarting up.

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