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Advent Day 7

I'm not going to be around much today, so I'm having to post this stupidly early. Also known as posting suicide.

Open Day Seven!


wow those icons are rockin! Keep up the fantasamalastic work, youre doing great : D

Thanks, I went a bit overboard with them!

I'm here too - what more could you want? On second thoughts, don't answer that!

That is a lovely and bitter-sweet little vignette.

The icons are pretty too, even though I'm not taking any of them!

You will do nicely!

Thanks. I neve expect anyone to take the icons, it's just nice when they do. I reckon a good 90% of what I make just lingers on the web.

Lovely set of icons. i'm snagging 'Feeling good' and 'Torrid'.

The ficlet was beautiful , in a heartbreaking way. It encapsulates Buffy's emotional pain so well.
She doesn't even need to think about him or the way he fools himself this is making love, because he will always give her what she needs; whatever she does to him, however much she avoids his eyes. If only he could be nameless, faceless and silent, then this could be paradise.

She lets it all go and surrenders, because, for a moment at least, there's a touch of heaven here.

I love how your writing makes me look at some secret places in my heart.

I tried my hardest to make the story as sensual as possible without losing sight of Buffy emotional place.

I thought you'd like that one!

They're coming now, aren't they? *no pun intended* The Buffy/Spike ones? I love the Being Normal one the most. I think that it's said with as much sarcasm and bitterness as possible. And I love that. Tee hee. XD

Oh, and I didn't even review the fic.

::squishes you:: I am hopelessly in love with the fic. So sensual and raw at the same time. :)

More lovely work love! This idea of your's seems to be a great success!

Thanks, it's going very well. Hurrah!

Beautiful icons. I really love the second one. The fic was excellent and did a wonderful job of catching Buffy's state of mind. The line "If only he could be nameless, faceless and silent, then this could be paradise." was heartbreakingly bleak.

Hee, I loved her expression! I couldn't do much special with it mind you, so I cleaned it up and lucky it's strong enough to stand on it's own.

I think it's the bleakness that appeals to me about Spike and Buffy.

EEE! Having just got back from London I had a whole stack of doors to open. It's all fabby!

Lovely icons again. I adore the one with the Christmas tree.

Will save the fic to read later when I get back from work.

That one was a tricksy bugger too. :)

I have yours bookmarked too.

My favourite day so far. *g* Lovely! Thank you. :)

I wonder why that might be? :)

It's like a feast! A feast of presentiness.

Lovely little fic - for some reason I've always preferred the term 'mercury' to 'quicksilver'. I think it seems less cliche or something.

Iconage! Love the second one (your cropping skills are beyond compare) and 'fight me' is also a fave.

I just couldn't stop!

I have to say I like mercury and quicksilver, but I do try to avoid cliche as much as possible. I have no interest in writing the same things every one else has written, although I'm sure there's always someone out there.

I loved her face on that icon. I couldn't do much fancy with it, but I couldn't not include it either.

I never thought I'd say this, but I love the icons with Riley - they just look so unmatchy together. The "being normal" one is particularly funny.

Lovely little ficlet as well. You're so good at the heart-wrenching stuff.

Poor ols Riley, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I like heart wrenching, not enough people write it to my satisfaction anymore.

Lovely icons. And very sweet, but sad little ficlet.

Am friending you so I can keep up with the Advent calendar and also because I really enjoy your writing.

Thanks and welcome aboard!

This whole thing seems terribly familiar (http://roses.darkstarfic.com/calendar).

Sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. I guess we're flattered. I think Dark Star is pretty amused by this as well.

Cheers :-p

Very nice and with a lot of interesting ideas, but as I was completely unaware of it and I started on December the first, I can't see any imitation to be flattered by.

I loved these! I think you've really captured Buffy.

Thank you. There was just so many pictures to play with!

Oh, these are fantastic! I love me all those strong expressions you've captured on Buffy. And a very Spuffy Xmas. (loves)

The fic is so sensual: they move languidly together like mercury, her back pressed to his chest as he rocks her gently against him. Very nice. And: If only he could be nameless, faceless and silent, then this could be paradise. So depressing, and yet such a snapshot of that moment in time. Thank you for these!

I'm glad you like my consession to xmas! It was bloody tricky to make!

I tried to make the fic as sensual as possible, yet showing she was an escaping to him rather than coming there for him (without the entendre)

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