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Advent Calendar Day Six

Open Day Six!


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Lovely! Snagging Gossip and Shop.

Not my favourite character but verey nicely done. Did you get carried away when you made double the usual number?

Not mine either. I don't know why there's so many, they just seemed to come out. Unlike another character I could mention, whose icons are defeating me.

Lovely! I like Darla a lot (as you might have gathered) and I've nabbed all of them.


I have no opinion on Darla either way.

*hee* I knew shapinglight would say that!

I love the *gossip* one!

It wasn't a tough call! ;D

I am such a Darngel (Dangel?) fan - or at least I was in Season 2 of Angel. It's like Weslah: I always forget it.

My favourite has to be the one that just says 'Darla' - she looks so wonderfully stern!

Weslah I understand, but Darla/Angel has zero interest to me. I don't dislike her, but she doesn't interest me much either.

That's icon is one of my favourite's from the whole run, it just worked so well.

I like the different aspects of Darla you show here

It wasn't a conscious decision. :)

I've always really loved Darla. Especially with what we saw from her on Angel. She became so...human (both literally & figuratively). Saying that, I love the 'Bleak' one. So much emotion & hurt. :)

She didn't leave much inpression on me really, but then I've not an AtS fan particularly and I prefer the later seasons of Buffy. I have terrible Spike blinkers. :)

Darla ended up being one of my favourite characters so I love these. Those hats in Gossip are just so great.

They seem to have down well anyway! :)

Loved them all, particularly the "bleak" one.

Excellent icons! Darla would approve. I took #3 and 4 - the fourth one is fascinating to look at. Something about the light and the angles. Very cool. Thank you.

I love #4 too, especially as it was so simple to make - just some colour tweaks.

I especially like 'evil's softer face'.

I didn't think she looked particularly evil, which is probably worse.

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