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Avent Calendar - Day 5

Bugger me, this is hard work. I'm just about keeping about three days ahead.

Open Day Five!


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Oh, shit! It's Glen Quinn aka Doyle. I miss him so much. ::tear::

The See You On The Other Side one touched me.

I felt he deserved his place.

Aww, Doyle. Really lovely work love. I particularly love the third one.

Thanks. It's easy to forget Doyle.

Those are lovely. "Skincare is vital" is hilarious and "the other side" is very touching. Thanks.

Hee, I coudn't resist the joke.

These are so wonderful! I look forward to waking up to one each day. Thank you.

Thanks. There's lots to come (is it really only day 5?!!!)

Lovely. Snagging the third one !

Just lovely. The second one cracks me up and the third made me sniffle!

Thanks. You know me, can't resist the joke!

All I can say is, your hard work is very much appreciated - and that middle icon is hilarious!

thanks, that's good!

I was going to do one icon a day, why did I commit to a minimum of three? 75 icons, at least! :O

Bugger me, this is hard work.
Hence I'm not going to bother you with my Writerconuk challenge fic. Mind you I'm only a day ahead on my fic recs but they're easy compared to this, and far less labour-intensive.

I like 'See you on the other side'. It reminds me a lot of Desmond from Lost 'See you in another life'.

Thanks! I need the relief. Me and my silly ideas, as if the Wricterconuk fic wasn't enough to deal with!

Doyle! I snagged the Legacy one. It's funny, I was just thinking about Doyle the other day in the car.

Why yes, I do ponder Buffyverse characters while driving. ;-) (hey, it beats listening to the kids fight)

You're doing a great job - this is a lovely gift to us all.

I used to come up with fics in the car on the way home from work. Sadly, or thankfully from my point of view, I don't drive that far anymore. The inability to write things down drove me mental.

Doyle! I loved him.

Thank you for your hard work. It's such a great idea, that it only makes sense that it would take a lot of time and effort.

Thanks. I'm not a great fan of AtS Season One, but Doyle is the best thing about it.

Doyley! He was so cool...

You are doing the smashingest job around - I hope it doesn't get you down too much. :)

It more a sense of OMG Panic!!!!

And your hard work is much appreciated. The third icon is wonderfully poignant.

Thank you. It's my own fault.

Here via a link on my f'list and I've just looked at the first 5 days... what a lovely idea! Beautiful icons, and I adored the ficlet. Thank you.

Thanks! (getting rather mono-syllabic now)

Lovely icons. I feel a bit sad seeing most of these icons and knowing that these characters are gone, but in this case it's sad because he really is gone. I'm glad you included him.

Thanks. Once I picked all the major characters, plugging the holes in the month meant some tough decisions about who to include. I forgot Doyle at first, but when I remembered him, I had to find space for hom.

Ah Doyle. He may have not been with the Jossverse for long, but he'll never be forgotten.

He certainly left a hole.

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