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Bogwitch's Icon Advent Calendar - Day 4

Open Day Four!


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I've never tried Faith or Cordelia (and dear God do I not want to). I can generally get away with a few people in passing, but I couldn't hope to do anything where they're a substantial part.

Sometimes there's too large a cultural gul to cross to get some characters right. I was thinking about how I would go about writing a Maimi Vice fic the other day and the answer was that it's not even worth attempting (not that I was going to).

I'm still worried that one day someone's going to see past my 'let's mention Cheetos and it'll all be fine' charade and flame me for being the culturally-unresearched fraud I am.

You can always mention Twinkies. I've actually eaten a Twinkie.

What do they taste like? I always imagined that really oily fake sponge stuff and gross custard you get in doughnuts (not that they don't sound pleasant...).

Yeah, pretty much like that.

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